Although Granulati Carrara s.r.l. is quite a new company, its management has over thirty years experience in the production and sales of white Carrara marble chips, powders and calcium carbonates on an international level. Granulati Carrara s.r.l. owns two crushing plants, one at Avenza Carrara and the second at Albiano Magra. The combined production capacity of the two plants, thanks also to the installation of modern and efficient crushing equipment, can exceed 500,000 Tonnes per annum. The plants are also logistcally well placed – they are both at a very short distance from motorway exits and the commercial ports of Marina di Carrara and La Spezia. Futhermore our organisation has in its favour several aspects of fundamental importance, which ensure that our customers receive the best possible products and services:

  • Modern and efficient production plants, run by experienced personnel, whose main objective is to manufacture top quality products.
  • Access to consistent quantities of raw material from reliable sources in the famous Carrara marble quarries.
  • A highly qualified management structure, which is able to supply a complete and  professional service.
  • Products which comply with CE marking directives UNI EN 12620,  and relative Declarations of Performance (DoP) in line with EU regulations N° 305/2011/CPR.

In conclusion we pride ourselves on our efficiency, which allows us to ensure that our customers are supplied with top quality material, delivered on time and at competitive prices!