For customers who prefer to collect material in bags instead of in bulk,  our plants are equipped with packing facilities which allow us to supply material in strong polypropylene big bags or I.BC.s (Intermediate Bulk Containers) with a capacity of  about 1500 kgs. each. These big bags, that can also be supplied with a gravity discharge valve, have reinforced lifting straps in order to facilitate loading, unloading and handling in general.


Both our plants are well positioned, logistically speaking, to cater for all types of shipment methods:

  • road transport:  lorries, silo-lorries and containers – near the slip road to the A12 Genoa-Leghorn motorway
  • shipment by sea: – the plants are close to the port of  Marina di Carrara, and the port of  La Spezia.  Our specialised logistics organisation allows us to load vessels very quickly, even when consistent quantities are concerned (for example vessels in excess of 30,000 Tonnes).