White Carrara Marble is practically pure natural calcium carbonate and therefore can be used in a huge variety of industrial applications. Some of the industries that use our products are:

White Marble Chips, Micro-marble chips and Powders

  • Calcium Carbonate for the chemical industry
  • Tiles – internal and external use (Terrazzo)
  • Prefabbricated building panels
  • Special glues for tiles
  • Paints and fillers
  • Petroleum industry
  • Building and construction in general
  • Cement industries
  • Textured wall finishes/special plasters
  • Glass production
  • Pre-cast garden and urban furniture and features
  • Agglomerated/Synthetic marbles

Marble Pebbles

  • Garden centres
  • Decorative Agglomerated/Synthetic marbles for bathroom & kitchen worktops
  • External and garden tiles
  • Pre-cast garden and urban furniture and  features
  • Textured wall finishes


In view of the vast number of uses of granulated marble,pebbles and calcium carbonate , we sell to countries all over the world for example:  U.S.A., Great Britain, France,  Germany, Benelux, Sweden, Tunisia, Libya, Algeria, The Middle East and…of course, Italy.